Turkish Catalysis Society is the platform for researchers who are actively involved in industry and academia in the area of pure and applied catalysis research.

The mission of Turkish Catalysis Society is:

  • To serve as a platform of dialogue for academic and industrial catalysis research
  • To promote the connection between national and international catalysis communities
  • To provide mechanisms of catalysis teaching and researcher training and the professional development of young researchers
  • To raise awareness of recent advances in catalysis research

Activities organized by Turkish Catalysis Society until recently:

  • 1st Anatolian School of Catalysis (2-6 October 2006, Ankara)
  • 1st National Catalysis Conference (17-20 January 2007, Northern Cyprus)
  • 2nd National Catalysis Conference (18-21 June 2008, Erzurum)
  • NOx Abatement Catalysis Workshop (16 May 2007, Ankara)
  • 3rd National Catalysis Conference (28 April – 1 May 2010, Zonguldak)
  • 4th National Catalysis Conference (21-24 March 2012, Kocaeli)
  • 5th National Catalysis Conference (23-26 April 2014, Adana)
  • 6th National Catalysis Conference (27-30 April 2016, Bursa)
  • 7th National Catalysis Conference (9-12 Sept. 2018, Denizli)


Turkish catalysis society was inaugurated as a member of EFCATS (European Federation of Catalysis Societies) on November 26, 2006.